Company Profile

The Cambridgeshire Innovation Centre (“CIC”) is an international innovation centre founded by experienced entrepreneurs, and fully supported by Cambridgeshire Local Authorities and RSM among others. Our advisory board is comprised of world-renowned researchers, leading entrepreneurs, senior government officials with backgrounds in Technology, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Internet of Things and beyond. Our aim is to help local innovators and rising startups collaborate with the rest of world, access the global market and seize international opportunities.

We are well positioned to capture the opportunity of sustainable economic growth in Cambridgeshire in the context of global trade. Our smart platform enables Cambridgeshire innovators and entrepreneurs to further their career and businesses by connecting with the rest of the world. The centre cooperates with renowned scholars, experts, entrepreneurs and senior policy makers at both national and international level.

We also advocate latest academic researches and proactively apply those to real world scenarios.